Conference Co-chairs:

Elizabeth Cowley, University of Sydney Business School
Christina I. Anthony, University of Sydney Business School
Adam Duhachek, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Proposed Conference Theme and Objective:

Consumption of Vice and Virtue

In recent years, consumer research has examined issues related to how consumers balance inherent tradeoffs between consumption virtues and vices. In this boutique conference, we aim to elevate research that amplifies extant understanding of these issues. Our focus is broad and inclusive, and we endeavor to further understand a variety of phenomena around this broad theme. Related to virtue, recent research examining consumer health, prosocial behavior, charity giving, gift giving, positive consumption emotions, self-control and sustainability are good examples of appropriate research themes. Related to vice, recent research examining risky consumption, hedonistic consumption, illicit consumption, addiction and negative consumption emotions are sample themes. Other topics that fit around this theme are encouraged. Our primary objective is to promote a deep theoretical understanding of these issues while drawing implications for practitioners as well as policy makers.


Making Virtues Into Vices for the Human Brain

Baba Shiv
Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Baba Shiv

Baba Shiv is the Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  He has done extensive work on the emotional brain, documenting its powerful role in shaping decisions and experiences. His work includes the application of neuroeconomics to the study and practice of innovation and entrepreneurial leadership in companies, from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies, as well as countries including India, Malaysia and New Zealand. He frequently consults with and is on the advisory boards of several start-ups. His work has been featured in a variety of media outlets including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN, Economic Times, Fox Business, Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Radio Lab. Baba Shiv teaches courses at the GSB and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, including “The Frinky Science of the Mind,” “Scaling Design Thinking Globally,” and “Crafting Interventions for Massive Change.” He frequently hosts executives from around the world in executive education programs at Stanford on strategy, entrepreneurial leadership, and customer-focused innovation.


In keeping with the boutique nature of the conference the proposed conference will have a limit of 120 attendees all of whom are expected to be engaged in research in the area the consumption of vice and virtue (broadly construed).

After presenters (who will naturally have first priority in registering for the conference), coauthors of accepted presentations will have priority in registering for the conference after which the conference will open up registration on a first-come first-serve basis until the attendance cap is reached.

To maintain quality, presentations will be restricted to those who have already obtained a doctoral degree.

Conference Format:

The proposed conference will begin with an evening reception at the University of Sydney Business School CBD Campus followed the next day by a dual-track of research presentations, research workshops, and a keynote speaker Professor Baba Shiv of Stanford University, a second evening reception followed by a second day of dual-track research presentations and a final evening event off-location.

4th January 2018
Welcome Opening Reception at The University of Sydney Business School CBD Campus.
Special Sessions, Competitive Papers, and Workshops.
Special Sessions, Competitive Papers, and Workshops.
Evening Reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
5th January 2018
Morning Tea
Special Sessions, Competitive Papers, and Workshops.
Key Note Speaker - Professor Baba Shiv, Stanford University.
Special Sessions, Competitive Papers, and Workshops.
Evening Closing Reception at the Harbour 220, Sydney.